Freelance Web Design in Chiangmai

Completed on time, within your budget
and exceeding your expectations.

Looking for freelance web designer based in Chiangmai to create  a simple, affordable website for your business,
I’ll work with you hand-in-hand to create the website to move your business forward to the digital step.

We use WordPress, a content management system
that allows you to create and modify your website later without knowing codes.
Your website will be user-friendly, SEO-friendly and mobile responsive.



Websites are not just beautiful  pictures and sources of information. They are more powerful than you can imagine. 


salepage web design chiangmai freelance

Single-Page Web Design

Design one page website to communicate with perspective customers. Provide the right amount of information for user to make decission or interact with your business. The design is clean and comprehensible.  Making user experience continue and fluid. Increase conversion and hold the engagement by not allow user  to get lost or distracted by another facts.

website for online marketing

Web Design for Marketing

After exploring your business goals and audience in detail. You’ll receive a bespoke, custom-built website designed to engage your visitors and convert them into customers. Fully responsive optimized design by WordPress, On-site SEO and submission to Google and important features ensures you can attract visitors and keep them engaged.

online store website woocomerce

Online Store Web Design

Build a website integrated with CMS WordPress, fully responsive, using WooCommerce for the e-commerce integration. WooCommerce plugin is free and has lots of advanced built in features. Showcase your products and catalog as well as to be purchased online. Manage orders
and inventory easily.


The power of minimal design and focus more on use-utility.

My Philosophy

My Golden Rules for Web Design is to develop websites of the highest quality with the end user-experience in mind. Build your website, start your online store and so much more all on CMS WordPress. I trust in the power of minimal design and focus more on use-utility. A great website will help you with communication and sales. 

mobile first index website

Mobile-first Indexing

Google made an announcement clearly of mobile-first indexing. This means Google will rank sites on their search results based on the mobile version. People now browse the internet on their smartphone. You must have an excellent mobile-responsive website. 

customer experience

Customer Experience (CX)

Your online business will succeed if you make it a point to satisfy your customers. A 10-second delay will make users leave a site immediately. Make it easy to traverse the website and information that they wanted.

website for online marketing

Marketing Purpose 

Websites are much more than just online business profiles. They have evolved into something much more powerful. Your website can generate leads, inquiries, prospects, customers, revenue and profits.
It’s our job to make your website right for digital marketing. 


I & My team

Hi, I’m Jirakrit, a full-time freelance web designer in Chiangmai. I & my team provide creative web design for marketing purposes.  I’ve been working with startups and SME’s to large corporates. My focus on perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics means that your website will not only look beautiful, but it will also give the best experience to viewers. From marketing profession and digital marketing consultant to freelance web designer. My experience will be exceeding your expectations.


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